Examinations at college and professional level are always likely to be challenging, and this is particularly the case for those who have been held back by auditory, visual and motor processing difficulties or who have developed problems more recently as a result of stressful events.

Indications of Processing issues
  • Reading problems, including accuracy, comprehension and speed
  • Difficulty in reading for extended periods
  • Slow processing speed, resulting in unfinished papers or work taking far too long
  • Poor time awareness
  • Procrastination, inability to get started
  • Particular difficulties with maths
  • Poor memory
  • Difficulty with oral presentations
  • Difficulty with organisational skills

Our adult assessments and programmes are designed to identify and remedy the underlying sources of each person’s processing difficulties, and to reveal their particular strengths.  We regularly monitor progress and give support and advice where appropriate.

Our Programmes

All our programmes use innovative techniques which allow us to support people comprehensively but with minimal disturbance to their lives. Our personal programmes use wearable technology through ‘Gorilla Tags’ which can be sewn into clothing and washed if necessary.

We have programmes to support musical and sporting achievement as well as academic success. Please contact us for a free questionnaire and detailed report to find out how our programmes might help you.