Assessment & therapy for a wide range of
learning and emotional issues

We offer assessments and therapy programmes for both children and adults who are underperforming.

Our assessments are uniquely comprehensive as they combine both educational and sensory integration testing.  They follow a tight sensory integration framework that is used to identify and correct impediments to each person’s optimal development.

Our therapy programmes are designed to work on the specific areas of difficulty which prevent each individual from fully developing his or her unique potential.  Some programmes are designed for those with developmental issues, stress or specific learning difficulties while others are for those who wish to enhance their skills in academic, musical or sporting pursuits.

Programmes to prepare for academic challenges

We offer comprehensive and non-invasive assessments that begin by identifying each individual’s specific academic weaknesses. We then determine the visual, auditory and motor processing issues that are the root causes of these weaknesses. Our academic support programmes are specifically designed to target and remediate those issues.

Support in the family & work environment

Our environmental support system is designed to boost physical, emotional and mental well-being by countering the effects of toxic and emotional stress factors in the atmosphere in which we live and work. These programmes are suitable for use in the home, in the workplace and in other community settings.