Environmental Balancing Programme

The environment in which we live, learn and work releases an ever increasing level of toxic, emotional and other potentially harmful influences.  Our systems can therefore become overloaded, and emotional, physical or cognitive dysfunctions may result.

Our social and emotional environments can be detrimental to our health and well-being.

This may result from obvious factors such as neglect, physical, emotional and verbal abuse, and stressful working environments. But less obviously, and even more often, those who suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, learning and behavioural issues can unintentionally cause damaging and hidden stress to those who care for and live or work with them. This stress in turn can cause adverse impacts on the health and well-being of parents, carers and co-workers, as well as the learning, development and behaviour of family members.

Our physical environment is now filled with potential toxins and de-cohering factors from multiple sources:

  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Toxic chemical emissions, such as from furniture, electronic equipment, cleaning products, artificial scents, etc.
  • Processed foods and chemical additives
  • Noise and other damaging and incoherent sound
  • Lack of access to green space
  • Poorly designed urban living spaces
  • Lack of human physical interaction and contact

The success of our programmes often depends on managing all these negative factors appropriately and helping to support a harmonious environment.

Our environmental balancing programme for the family and workplace uses an unobtrusive, portable, mains-operated system designed to help balance destabilising factors in the environment. It has been an important part of our therapeutic intervention systems supporting individuals together with their families for over twelve years.