Children & Teens

Children develop naturally at very different and sometimes quite uneven rates but for many children it becomes clear at the pre-school stage that development is not following its normal course.

Other children seem very bright and able at an early age but fail to develop their early promise and begin to struggle in school.

For many, particularly girls, problems may not become apparent until their teens and may then be more focussed on emotional rather than academic issues. 

Our assessment and therapy programmes are designed to help reveal and explain the root causes of these difficulties and to develop an effective response.


As children grow into adults they often learn to compensate for underlying processing difficulties and avoid stressful activities.

Sometimes these difficulties continue to cause significant problems and sometimes adults develop processing difficulties as a result of traumatic events – a form of PTSD.


We aim to identify all the areas of current difficulty together with the strongest channels for development.  At the same time we try to discover each individual’s particular skills and learning style.

All of our assessments are designed to help understand each individual’s challenges and to build on their strengths. We assess and support those who cannot visit us in person by meeting online and using questionnaires and a range of reporting systems. For most adults, testing is not necessary.

Our assessments are tailored specifically to each individual and focus particularly on auditory, visual, motor and emotional processing. Where appropriate, we also use a wide range of standardised educational tests and provide advice and support to help children and young people with their educational and emotional challenges.

Our assessments are uniquely comprehensive as they combine both educational and sensory integration testing.  They follow a tight sensory integration framework that is used to identify and correct impediments to each person’s optimal development.


Our therapy programmes are designed to work on the specific areas of difficulty which prevent each individual from fully developing his or her unique potential.  Some programmes are designed for those with developmental issues, stress or specific learning difficulties while others are for those who wish to enhance their skills in academic, musical or sporting pursuits.

Sensory Integration Framework

Both our assessment and our therapy systems are based on the principle of sensory integration. As individuals move through childhood and into adulthood, they need to achieve crucial skills and brain processing ability at each stage to facilitate their subsequent development. This is true of every aspect of physical, emotional, mental and behavioural growth.

If there is a delay or interruption to this development, individuals may fail to achieve at a more complex level later on or they may even regress. Alternatively they may be forced to create strategies to overcome their lack of certain abilities – problems then arise from the considerable energy that needs to be expended to maintain these strategies. In either case, these issues may lead to problems in a host of different areas..

The Sensory Integration Framework is illustrated in our Developmental Pyramid. Each individual’s progress through the Framework is unique, and our programmes support and respond to their specific needs.

Our Programmes

All our programmes use innovative techniques which allow us to support people comprehensively but with minimal disturbance to their lives. Our personal programmes use wearable technology through child-friendly ‘Gorilla Tags’ which can be sewn into clothing and washed if necessary.

We offer three different therapy programmes, each designed to address individual requirements. To find out which programme might best suit you or your child, please contact us for a free questionnaire and detailed report.